• A Permanent Ad .
• A Practical Tool .
• Simple to Use .
• Very Easy to Mail .
• Low Cost

Did you know...

... We offer full media services, from concept to production and shipping. We can also provide training and consulting for your webmaster or photographer.

...  While you need two cameras to shoot moving subjects, you can shoot stationary objects with any single camera! And you don't need special software to get anaglyph stills. Regular programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro will do.

... You can use 3D to differentiate a media product (magazine, book, DVD,  TV show, etc.) in the buyers' perception. For example, a CD about a tourist attraction will be preferred over many other CDs, if it includes some 3D images and a pair of 3D glasses! See "Products & Services".

...  You don't need to (and shoudln't) make your entire website in 3D! Only the most interesting pictures should be displayed in 3D, as an alternative to regular "2D" images. There are several ways to seamlessly integrate 3D images on a 2D website.  Three easy methods are described on our "Applications" page.


There are many ways of displaying 3D images*.   For the Internet we chose the "anaglyph" (red-cyan) method, for three reasons:
  • It is the most user-friendly (works on any PC, without special software);
  • It uses regular Internet images (easy to include in any website);
  • The glasses are inexpensive and very easy to ship (regular envelopes).
There are two kinds of glasses, for different marketing purposes:
  • "Paper glasses" are normally given away to promote short-lived events, magazines, or TV programs.    
  • "Plastic glasses" are normally sold for profit.  When given away, they make a great impression!  They are kept for a very long time. They are excellent for Internet promotions, because they will remind the users to visit your site repeatedly.
We can offer many types of 3D glasses.  The handheld viewer described below is a good example.  It is a prototype designed as a "permanent banner" - securing a "permanent ad space" on the users' monitor.  


We designed a 3D viewer that also becomes a "solid banner".  When it's not used, the viewer is kept attached** to any fixture in the user's workspace - normally to the monitor frame!  Your website name is displayed permanently.

This little viewer adds an important feature to ANY computer system.  It  is compatible with hundreds of 3D websites. It works with printed media too!


Many people are reluctant to wear 3D glasses.  The handheld viewer doesn't interfere with normal Web browsing.  You grab it when you want to look at a 3D image, then you put it back on the monitor.


This viewer can be custom-made for an OEM price*** between $1.20 for large orders (over 40K) and $2.65 for average orders (over 10K).  It can be distributed in regular letter envelopes, at low postage rates.

*   We'll be happy to discuss with you other 3D technologies.  For movie or slide projection, we prefer the polarized method; for high-end games, the sequential field method, and so on.  ALL good 3D technologies require glasses!  There are several ways to show 3D without glasses, but they are either low-quality, impractical, or very expensive.

**  The viewer is attached with a "hook and loop fastener", such as Velcro®.   (Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.)
  We can also offer 3D glasses in an imprinted pouch that attaches to the monitor.

*** Paper-framed glasses are available for as little as $0.25/ea, printing included. Plastic glasses - between $4.50 and $9.25.  All prices are subject to change.