It is very easy to add 3D images to any existing website, without changing the whole layout.  The 3D pictures are stored as regular image files - they don't require any special technology.  Below we illustrate the simplest layout alternatives; other options are available.      

Simply add a 3D tab to any thumbnail or any picture available in 3D.  The user can choose 2D or 3D.  

3D Image Tabs
• Best Solution
The thumbnail and the 2D tab lead to a normal image.  The 3D tab brings up the 3D version.  No need to change the front page layout.  Full flexibility.
You can add a "3D Picture of the week" in a conspicuous spot. (Small 2D view linked to large 3D).
3D picture of the week

Relief photo of the week
• Most Economical
One 3D picture changed every week is the minimum required to maintain interest.  You can build, in time, an impressive "3D Archive". 
Or, you can have "flat" pictures that embed a bit of 3D effect.  Show them like regular images!
3D image - history
• A Compromise
This image looks great WITH or WITHOUT a 3D viewer.  The 3D viewer will reveal its depth.  "Embedded 3D" is great for art-related subjects. 

• Build a "3D Archive Page", to include ALL the 3D images publishedon your site. 
• Add links to other 3D sites.  Give your visitors an extra reason to keep your viewer handy. 
• Many visitors will share the 3D experience.  Post an order form for newbies who want your viewer. 
• Create a 3D media product.  Find a subject for a CD / DVD or a publication that can be sold for profit. 
• As long as 3D websites are a novelty, be sure to send out of publicity releases!