We offer several kinds of  HANDHELD VIEWERS, 3D GLASSES, and 3D CUSTOM SETUPS  for special presentations.  Our company is exclusively business-to-business (wholesale & custom projects). 

There are many ways to show 3D images.  To narrow down the options, we must know what is the main goal of your 3D presentation, and your intended audience.  After we have this basic information, we'll reply with a brief proposal describing the SIMPLEST solutions.

The red/cyan filters work best for Internet presentations aimed at consumer markets.  For other needs, we have different 3D technologies.  Please contact us for alternatives.

•  Professional photography, consultation, and training.
•  Multimedia projects - Internet, CD / DVD, Print Media.
•  Documentary, Entertainment and "Etudainment" shows.
•  Website design and consulting, seamless 2D/3D mix.
•  Advertising in any media, including affordable televisionDetails Here
•  Publicity releases and marketing through trade associations.
•  Mailing & distribution management in the U.S.; contacts in Europe.

Our company's main activity is TV production - specializing in travel and scientific documentaries.  We are also experienced in journalism, book publishing, scriptwriting, motion picture photography, multimedia marketing, and small business management. So if you are looking for a good media company to help promote your business - not necessarily in "3D" -  you can rely on us.