Picture window too small?...

Try hitting “F11” for “Full screen” (hit it again to return to your regular screen)
Or increase your screen resolution.

Slow Internet connection?... 

We also have a showcase for "phone modem", with lower quality.  It is
much better to download our slideshow for Windows, from one of the two links below.  
Although the images are compressed, the differences are barely noticeable
when compared to the website originals.  W
indow size: 1024x768 pixels.
(Either download is about 8MB. If you have a slow modem, save the file when you take a break).

You have two options – save either one to your desktop:

-    A SCREENSAVER, which displays a new image every 7 seconds;
you exit by moving the mouse or pressing any key.  Right-click here.

-    A PROGRAM (stand-alone “Exe”, no install needed), which changes
the slides with the spacebar; hit “Esc” to exit.  
Right-click here.


“Are these two downloads clean?”
Yes – both were made with a trustworthy program called Irfan View (www.irfanview.com).  No bugs or worms here!

“Why are the original image files so large?  Because they are in 3D?” 
The large file size has nothing to do with the 3D technology!  We simply wanted to have good photo quality for the demo site.   3D anaglyphs are regular graphic files – “jpeg”, “gif”, or “png”.  They can be posted on the Internet in any size and in any standard format.

“Why are the downloads only for Windows?”
 We figured that all Mac users have broadband service already.